Kelly Klein's new comedy reel featuring excerpts from SPECRETARIES the web series

Kelly Klein's new drama reel featuring her roles on Law and Order: SVU #1902 MOOD (co-star opposite Mariska Hargitay), Stranger Friends (web series pilot, lead), and Nurse Jackie #707 ARE YOU WITH ME, DR. WU? (co-star opposite Edie Falco)

Kelly Klein in Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit opposite Mariska Hargitay in Episode #1902 "MOOD"

Kelly Klein in Nurse Jackie opposite Edie Falco in Episode #707 "ARE YOU WITH ME, DR. WU?"

Kelly Klein as "Kylie" in the web series pilot STRANGER FRIENDS. Kelly wrote and directed the pilot.

Promo for RISE & FALL by BREAD Arts Collective

Subway Series [Volume 1] is Kelly Klein's first experimental video in her Subway Series featuring the new Q train and the ride from Brooklyn into Manhattan. She was inspired by the art lining the subway's interior tunnels and the opportunity of a long ride with "nothing to do." Music by Moby Gratis. Shot on Kelly's iPhone. 

Subway Series [Volume 2] is the second installment of Kelly Klein's Subway Series. This features the late-night lights of Times Square and the long journey home. Music by Moby Gratis. Shot on Kelly's iPhone. 

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