For BREAD Arts Collective and "RISE AND FALL," People Lounge, NYC:
"At the outset we meet two crooks on the lam, Trinity Moses and Willy the Veep, played in wise-guys drag by Toni Ann Denoble and Kelly Klein, with some serious balls [...] The remarkable beauty of BREAD is that their pure, uninhibited sense of play is actually capable of awakening a genuine chorale for social justice." Artem Yatsunov, Theatre is Easy. Review
"A Rise and Fall that Brecht would thumbs up [...] by the end of this drama-club bacchanal the ensemble closes the deal." Tom Sellar, The Village Voice. Review 
"RISE AND FALL is an immersive drinking spectacular [...] the fun the company has on stage is contagious." Michael Bradley Block, Theatre in the Now. Review
"There's also a great use of talent. This bunch, I'll say it again, is incredibly fun and skillful [...] it was the most fun I've had watching a live show in some time." Derek Jorden, The Artswire Weekly. Review
For Anne Frank in "The Diary of Anne Frank," Barter Theatre, National Tour:
"Actress Kelly klein [...] is tiny, exhuberant, and plays up the teenage experience in a believable, powerful way." Tommy Bryant, A! Arts Magazine. Review
For Mary Martin in "Forever Neverland," The Chain Theatre, NYC
"In Forever Neverland, Kelly Klein - as a foul-mouthed Mary Martin, proves herself a force to be reckoned with, playing this complicated role with refreshing sincerity. " Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review. Review
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